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Sapphire Lux™ 22 oz. Scented Candle

Sapphire Lux™ 22 oz. Scented Candle

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Made with essential oils.

Fragrance Description:

Our inspiration for this fine fragrance comes partially from Ralph Lauren's, Polo Ultra Blue, but with a twist of added green notes to reflect the sapphire waters of the Sardinian coast.  A Deep blue ocean and soft, Italian, powder-white sands lead to the island's lush, citrus-filled interior, peppered with vine-wrapped monuments of Roman antiquity.  The entire island is wild with pure nature.  Sapphire Lux embodies the region's citrus fruits, rich, natural flora and the abundant mist of mysterious hidden coves, making true-life dreams to enjoy by day and by colorfully lit night.  It's a beautifully masculine fragrance! 

IMPORTANT: Sapphire Lux™ fragrance is similar to what you would find at the fine fragrance (perfume) counter in any high end perfume or cologne.

Top Notes: vineyard mist, agave, lemon leaves
Middle Notes: dune grass, pink peppercorn, water lotus
Base Notes: sun bleached driftwood, pamplewood, amber

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