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Augustus™ 22 oz. Scented Candle

Augustus™ 22 oz. Scented Candle

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Augustus, the fragrance, is like a well aged, high end leather chair that has seen years of wear and lots of elite men's cologne to give it an unduplicatable fragrance you simply can't stop breathing It's a powerful symphony that is very true to masculine;  a scent that every gentleman needs in his personal space and every woman wants to smell.  It's a celebration of boldness, power and the antiquity of the Augustus story.

Fragrance Detail:
Vetiver, patchouli, mahogany wood and brushed suede,  with bright notes of Bergamot, warm tobacco and smooth, sultry amber.

Top Notes: bergamot, hyacinth, mandarin leaves, white jasmine 
Mid Notes:
 patchouli, oak wood, brushed suede, worn leather
Base Notes: 
tobacco, amber, oak moss, vetiver, patchouli

IMPORTANT:  Augustus fragrance is comparable to what you will find at the fine fragrance counter in any high end department store, ranging from $150-$250 per bottle of perfume or cologne.

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