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Luminosa™ 22 oz. Scented Candle

Luminosa™ 22 oz. Scented Candle

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Made with essential oils.

Fragrance Description:

"Luminosa", translates from Latin, as "bright light" and symbolizes the hope of life.   Luminosa™  was inspired by Savage by Christian Dior and the yearly transformation of Scorrano, Italy, "Light Capital of the World", during Santa Domenica.  For a five-day magical event, the city of Scorrano becomes an oasis of vibrance and color.  With that same lively spirit, Luminosa™ is  brilliant and unforgettable, featuring exotic florals, bright fruits, rare herbs and exceptional resins.

IMPORTANT: Luminosa™ fragrance is similar to what you would find at the fine fragrance (perfume) counter in any high end perfume or cologne.

Top Notes: pomelo, tuscan lemon, bergamot zest
Middle Notes: egyptian jasmine, green apple skin, moroccan rose petals
Base Notes: blue amber, oakmoss, pogostemon cablin (patchouli)

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