Meet Rebekah & Dana!

Hey there! 

   For those who don't know us, we are Rebekah Butler & Dana Bunger! We are the two ladies that you will always see here at Isaac Barbosa Jewelers in Groves, TX. We specialize in custom fine jewelry for any occasion; Engagement rings, Wedding bands and SO MUCH MORE. Along with our fine jewelry store, we have brought in lots of amazing gift brands + created our Bridal Bar. (If you visit our Home Page, you can see what our Bridal Bar is all about).  We wanted to share some fun facts about us, how the store started & tell you our vision for the future!

   It began in 1974 when Rebekah's grandmother opened Estelle's Jewelry in Port Arthur, Texas. The goal was to provide quality goods and personal service so that we could differentiate our business from the other Jewelers in the market. Providing a full line of jewelry, gifts, and accessories!
    As the business grew, providing in-house jewelry design, manufacture, and repair allowed Estelle's Jewelry to become a well established resource to the community.
    40 years later, a new generation will bring our business to market as Isaac Barbosa Jewelers in 2014. 
    FAST FOWARD TO 2021 - Rebekah took over the business in 2019 and Dana became the marketing coordinator in January of 2020. Together, we have faced so many obsticles from the COVID pandemic, 3 Hurricanes & a hard Winter freeze - BUT we are still here & working as a team to move forward!
   Our goal is to expand our Bridal Bar + start a Bridal Registry.
   Thank you to our wonderful customers for the constant love + support you have shown us. We are always available by phone or shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram - we hope to see you soon!
- Rebekah & Dana :)